RUNCLUSIVE brings together a national programme of virtual events, including some from the operators of your favourite physical events, into a series that enables you to run the UK and collect medals as you go. A virtual event still means you have to run the distance, so you still get the buzz of finishing and you still have to train hard. You can still fundraise and, in these difficult times the charities will be really, really appreciative.

RUNCLUSIVE is simple. You head to the map of our events and decide which one you want to start with. You can either enter yourself or contact one of our partner charities and run on one of their special entries. Once you’ve entered you start your training and when ready you do your event. When completed you submit your evidence via the account you set up when you entered and when verified by our team you’ll be awarded your medals. If you’ve run for charity and hit your target you’ll then get you gold, silver or bronze charity medal. 

The amount of points you’ve earned will be added to your account and then you’re onto your next event!

We do have series passes available for 5,10 and 20 events which make the entry process even easier.

Here is how the points work

1km = 1 point. Bonus points available for fundraising.

So, 5k = 5 points, 10k = 10 points etc.